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Literacy Teaching

Literacy Teaching

Maidstone based literacy teacher covering Kent and the surrounding areas

As a qualified primary school teacher with a degree in primary education and a further Masters level qualification in Special Education, I specialise in home tuition, supporting children who are having difficulties with literacy learning and language acquisition.

I have over ten years experience working as a primary school class teacher and also Special Educational Needs Co-coordinator in Kent schools where I worked successfully to support all children but more recently helping children with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties.

Where appropriate, I will often use music as a way in to literacy difficulties by teaching songs, rhymes and mnemonics amongst other things. I have found that this not only aids memory but also gives confidence to those struggling with learning to read and write. As their abilities grow, I have found that children make progress quicker because they are more confident.

I firmly believe every child has the ability to succeed. The key is finding out how they learn best as an individual, finding the correct starting point and using their own interests to encourage participation. What works for one child may not work for another but when students are engaged, they are learning with pleasure and this is the way to a ensure a life long love of learning.

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