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Singing Tuition


Caroline Eyre Maresca is also a Maidstone based singing teacher

As a vocal coach, I am able to bring together my professional performance experience and also my teaching qualifications to be able to deliver a highly personalised programme of study that is both fun and skill building for my students.

In the comfort of my home music room, students can learn a variety of techniques including: vocal and breathing exercises; melody, harmony and improvisation and preparation for plays or musicals and exam skills.

As students are unique in both their starting ability levels and also their musical tastes, I always encourage them to choose the songs they really love as we explore vocal techniques together. In that way, they will not only learn new skills in singing but they will also make that vital emotional connection to the learning that will make progress happen much quicker.

And as an added bonus, I also have an extensive collection of music backing tracks that students can take home to practice with and my music room also comes complete with a small recording studio that I often use when teaching, or just for fun!

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